Life Insurance

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Life insurance is a contract between an insurance policyholder and an insurer. A life insurance policy guarantees the insurer pays a designated beneficiary a sum of money upon death of an insured person in exchange of premiums paid by the policyholder during their lifetime.

Benefits of Life Insurance

Who benefits

Dependents of the policyholder.

What is covered

Life Insurance helps beneficiaries pay off a mortgage, cover college tuition, or help fund retirement.


Documents Required for Life Insurance Application
  • Duly filled Proposal Form
  • Photograph of the Proposer
  • National ID Card/ Passport¬† of the proposer
  • Address of the proposer

Why work with us

We help you satisfy your desire for meaningful work and community involvement. At our roots as an insurance agency, we are all about protecting members of the community. 

Life Insurance Highlights

What are the primary considerations in designing your cover


Consider the budget you are working with in regards to the term of the life insurance. 

Customer service

Consider a company that offers good customer service when needed at all times. We are here to see that happen.

Health status

Consider your health status which will require one to do a physical exam for clarity.

Family history

Family history gives a glimpse into the future. This information helps determine your eligibility and set your rates.


Life insurance policy plans are guided by the age of the proposer giving the proposer array of options to pick from.

Market knowledge

Ensure you have in depth knowledge of the cover so that you are at per with the terms and conditions before application.

Claims & Claims Processing

Our role as Insurance Agency

We as the insurance agency receives the claim and forward to our partner who reviews the claim for its validity and then pays out the premium once approved. We stand in the middle to ensure the process is expedited for the convenience of our client.

Your role as our client

  • Share filled-up claim form (provided by the insurance company).
  • Provide certificate of death.
  • Share policy document.
  • Share deeds of assignments/ re-assignments.
  • Provide legal evidence of title, if the policy is not assigned or nominated.

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