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An education insurance policy is designed as a savings tool which pays a lump sum to cover your children when they reach 18 years or above, and about to join the university. The money paid out is meant to cover their university education.

Benefits of Education Insurance

Who benefits

Benefits the child in case of the death of a parent. The policy continues to provide for higher education expenses of the insured.

What is covered

The education expenses of the insured.


The following document will be needed for the policy application:

  • Fully filled application form containing all details of the child.
  • Birth certificate

Why work with us

We ensure protection of your cover and savings that allows you to prepare for the cost of education of your child.

Education Insurance Highlights

What are the primary considerations in designing your cover

Type of school

Agree on the type of school you want for your child, public or private.

Duration of cover

Consider the time between  when you start paying for the cover and reimbursement.

Type of curriculum

Settle on what curriculum you want for your child, local or international.

Payment options

Consider if the policy allows premium payments monthly,  quarterly or annually for flexibility.


Here we put all the numbers together and agree on what is pocket friendly.


Consider if the policy can still accommodate your cover in case of loss of a job or changes in your income.

Claims & Claims Processing

Our role as Insurance Agency

We stand in the middle to ensure the payment process upon maturity is expedited for the convenience of our client.


Your role as our client

Ensure that your premiums are paid in time and up to date.

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