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Risk insurance refers to the risk or chance of occurrence of something harmful or unexpected that might include loss or damage of the valuable assets of the person, injury or death of the person where the insurers assess these risks and, based on which, work out the premium that the policyholder needs to pay.

Benefits of Risk Insurance

Who benefits

The insured.

What is covered

It covers theft, fire, riot and strike breakage and any other cause not excluded under the policy.


A risk that is perfectly suited for insurance should meet the following requirements:
  • There must be a large number of exposure units.
  • The loss must be accidental and unintentional.
  • The loss must be determinable and measurable.
  • The loss should not be catastrophic.
  • The chance of loss must be calculable.
  • The premium must be economically feasible.

Why work with us

we serve the insurance needs of our customers through provision of thoughtful consultation. This leads to coverage at a cost that adds value to our relationship.


Risk Insurance Highlights

What are the primary considerations in designing your cover

Company's reputation

We evaluate the insurers we work with to ensure timely address of needs as they arise without delays.

Available discounts

Consider an insurance that offer discounts on your premiums on different cover policies.


We prefer insurer that provides appropriate coverage for your personal or business needs.


Higher premiums indicate longer coverage. Clients however have to assess their budgets prior to policy procurement.

Ease of doing business

We stand between you and the insurer thus ensuring you are attended to with absolute ease.

Financial strength

Ensure that your insurance company can pay your claim and not fail due to financial constrains.

Claims & Claims Processing

Our role as Insurance Agency

After putting all factors into consideration and getting you appropriate cover, we place you on the safe hands of our insurance partners who ensures speedy attendance to your needs. We are equally around to ensure timely attendance to your requests.

Your role as our client

  • Identify each risk type and the level of risk to your business.
  • Suggest strategies to treat each risk.
  • Create timeframes for each strategy.
  • Decide who’s responsible for specific parts of the plan.

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